Common WordPress Errors To Avoid

Creating a website is not a big deal nowadays as there are numerous website builders available in the marketplace with exclusive and user-friendly interfaces. Designing and managing a website can be done using two types of methods. One is by coding a website and another by using Content Management Systems. 

Building a wordpress website:

WordPress is one of the most used and popular Content Management Systems on the planet. It is estimated that nearly 60% of websites worldwide are created and managed by WordPress CMS. Building a WordPress website is an effortless task for beginners to professionals. But here comes the most challenging part of working it. But how many of you are designing and crafting these WordPress websites without any errors or mistakes. The answer to this question is unknown. Because when it comes to WordPress, most people think that they can manage the whole website by installing plugins without having a piece of basic coding knowledge. But in this article, we would like to discuss some of the common WordPress errors which can be avoidable with ease. Once anyone is interested in developing a website for a client or own will be able to stop making these errors and craft a fantastic website. We set the significant issues in the WordPress site with our WordPress coding standards.

First, understand some of the basic terms used in a wordpress website. Anyone can understand this glossary very quickly. 

  1. Dashboard in WordPress: The dashboard is the first displayed area once logged in to the admin area. In this panel, one can find all the website information in one place. 
  2. What is a wordpress theme? A theme is styling and formatting, including a wide range of fonts, styles, colors, page layouts, functionality, and more options.
  3. What are plugins? Plugins help to add features to a wordpress website based on specific needs. 
  4. What are Categories: Categories help group blog posts and help understand the glance of what a blog post is about.
  5. Permalink: It helps to distinguish the blog post name and can easily understand the use of that article.
  6. Tags: It can help in distinguishing between the key topics that are discussed in that particular blog.
  7. Widgets: Widgets can help to customize the Website easily. These are usually used on the sidebars of the Website.

These are some of the basic terms that are used in WordPress CMS. Here are some of the common errors being done in WordPress websites, even by agencies or individuals. In this following article, we shall discuss some of the fundamental errors performed while crafting and designing a WordPress website.

  1. No proper theme used: Theming is one of the significant components in a CMS site. A web designing agency or a freelancer who does not have good design experience might create a massive impact on the Website. The enormous success of a website is its design and easy-to-navigate feature. 
  2. There is no proper usage of Pages:  Some websites don’t have an adequate page structure as they are tagged to posts pages. Blog posts are a single [page containing the latest data or articles of the websites. But in these posts, people usually write static content, which is a terrible performance mistake.
  3. Slowly Loading Site:  Not checking the proper performance of the Website; this is caused due to excessive usage of plugins for most spartan codes that can be dumped in the main areas of a webpage, such as header.php, footer.php files.
  4. Not removing demo content: This is a considerable error of not removing demo content in the backend as one installs a new theme in the Website. Not removing demo content will create a massive load on loading the Website.
  5. Ignoring SEO: SEO means Search Engine Optimization is one of the powerful tools in digital marketing, which helps in increasing organic traffic to the Website. But most agencies forget to do proper SEO for their clients and charge extra for doing SEO. 
  6. Updates Ignoring: Another severe mistake that should be avoided in the wordpress Website is update ignoring. Regular updates can help to decrease bugs on the Website.

Fix WordPress Websites:

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