What Is Marketing Reporting?

Marketing Reporting analyzes the market, competitors landscape analysis, and analyzing buyer behavior for every quarter. These reports help in proper decision-making to run a successful business and generate massive sales for a long time. Compared to traditional reporting, digital marketing reports play a competitive role in understanding the market and gaining brand awareness alongside a colossal amount of potential traffic to websites. So, in this article, we help you walk through the importance of digital marketing reports and how any business benefits from them. Most digital marketers feel confused when they start generating monthly or quarterly reports for companies. They always get startled on what kind of report to generate and important KPIs to be included in the reports. 

Benefits Of Marketing Research Reporting:

There are numerous benefits of marketing research reporting to firms of any scale and any category. They are as follows:

  1. It helps to make business decisions strategically.
  2. It helps to stay ahead of the competition.
  3. Marketing research reporting helps in allocating budget properly on campaigns.
  4. It also helps in doing necessary alterations on running campaigns when required.
  5. It helps in reducing unnecessary costs to the company.
  6. It also helps in creating brand awareness.
  7. It allows firms to stay active and perform well in the global markets.

Build A Marketing Dashboard?

Any business of any category needs to build a marketing dashboard that includes all types of digital marketing activities taken in that particular quarter or particular month. While building a marketing dashboard, a marketing manager needs to consider what types of campaigns should be included in these reports. Any marketing professional should analyze the complete data taken from these campaigns; whether a paid or organic campaign needs to consider essential metrics. The following are some of the standard KPIs’s need to be considered while building a marketing dashboard. They are as follows:

  1. Needs to check engagement metrics.
  2. Needs to check traffic metrics.
  3. Needs to check the call to action metrics.
  4. Needs to consider conversion metrics.
  5. Needs to check ROI.

All the above metrics are standard for any marketing report. There are different types of marketing reports in digital marketing. They are:

  • Social Media Marketing Reports.
  • Search Engine Optimization Reports.
  • Search Engine Marketing Reports.
  • Email Marketing Reports.
  • Monthly Performance Reports.

Social Media Marketing Reports: Social Media Marketing reports helps analyze a website’s social traffic and potential consumer engagement on the firm’s social media accounts. It also helps understand the brand awareness and branding of the company’s product or service overall at that particular period. Through social media, a firm needs to gather feedback from followers to increase its business growth.

Search Engine Optimization Reports: Search Engine Optimization Reports, also known as SEO reports, helps in understand on-page, off-page, and technical SEO elements of a website overall. They help to identify critical errors and modify them accordingly. It is highly recommended to analyze a website’s performance quarterly for better SERP ranking. 

Search Engine Marketing Reports: Search Engine Marketing Reports, also known as PPC reports, helps to estimate and forecast the search ads and display ads on search engines such as google, bing, etc. With these reports, a marketing professional can analyze the return on investment of particular campaigns, and their dynamic performance can be viewed. A marketing professional should monitor these campaigns daily, which can help refine the campaign by updating keywords where required.

Email Marketing Reports: In Email Marketing Reports, one needs to consider the open rate of an email, bounce rate of emails whose addresses are not valid, and update them when there is an active email campaign. 

Monthly Performance Reports: Under Monthly Performance Reports, a professional in marketing needs to check monthly website traffic, the bounce rate of a website, website performance, etc. needs to be considered. 

How to analyze marketing data? Another significant challenge is after generating reports or a marketing dashboard; analyzing marketing data plays a crucial role while taking the necessary steps to draft a successful digital marketing strategy. The post analysis is a bit challenging if you have a novice marketing professional or a digital marketer. It is suggested to have an agency handle these post-analysis data. A firm can get massive success and growth in a short period with successful business strategies and campaigns.  

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