What are website metrics? Why are they important?

What are website metrics?

Most of the naive business owners or marketers think of What are website metrics? Why are they important? Here in this article technology360, will help you out in understanding the basic and essential metrics needed to understand the performance of a website. 

Website Metrics:

A metric is defined as a component that measures the parameters of a website as a whole and helps marketers understand whether the performance of a website is reaching the end goal. There are so many metrics that define performance, such as Bounce rate, Traffic Sources, Conversion Rate, Page Speed insights etc. 

Website metrics & Their importance:

To reach business goals & objectives, website KPIs play a vital role that helps in better understanding consumer’s demographics & their purchasing behaviour. They are some valuable takeaways that should consider in these metrics, and They are as follows:

  1. Tracking website performance.
  2. Optimization of websites.
  3. Estimating Customer Acquisition Cost
  4. Increasing ROI in digital marketing.
  5. Checking Traffic sources of a website.

Tools used: 

There are numerous tools out there demonstrating the website metrics that are essential to note and make changes. But these are some of the robust tools and techniques that are used by many successful businesses. All website statistics used are helps in increasing ROI that is relevant for any online business.They are as follows:

  • Google Analytics.
  • Adobe Analytics.
  • Ahrefs.
  • Alexa.
  • Measure Your Site Performance by Technology360

Website Statistics Explained:

  1. Traffic Sources: A website’s increase in performance can be understood by this metric, which shows us that traffic is nothing but the number of visits that a site is getting overtime. Comparing two time periods in which website traffic gives an evaluation of how the site has grown in this particular period. Traffic Sources helps to identify which online medium is creating colossal traffic, such as traffic from social media, traffic from a referral, direct traffic or traffic from search engines.
  2. Check Bounce rate of a website: Bounce Rate is a standard metric used by businesses or digital marketers. A bounce is a term used to define when a user visits a web page and leaves without performing any activity. Activities mean no clicking on another page, no scrolling down, no lead form submission, etc.  The website bounce rate means the percentage of sessions that bounced on a website over the given period.  Measuring bounce rate of websites helps to understand how a website’s content/design meets the particular goals, whether the audience is engaging with the website or turning it off when they enter. A high bounce rate is unsuitable for any website, so one needs to create interactive and engaging content to make the audience stay on it.  Checking bounce rates of different web pages will help in understanding content performance.
  3. Conversion rate: Conversion rate is another vital website metric used to track conversions of ad campaigns. A conversion means when a visitor fills a form or purchases a product or service after entering the landing page. Increasing conversion rate helps increase sales, and conversions can be traced using analytical tools such as google analytics, adobe analytics, etc. A high conversion rate means online business is performing well.
  4. Average Visitor time on page : Average visitor time on a webpage helps to understand visitors’ engagement with the webpage over a time period. The higher this metric, the more engaging the content on the page. A business can get an idea of which content that people are consuming on the website.
  5. Average Page Load Time: Google considers average page load time should be less than 3 seconds. As more than half of the people leave a website if it takes more than 15 seconds. The less the page load time, the more chance visitors were engaging with the website.


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