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Most of the beginners in the digital marketing field utilize the advantage of content improperly. They think that delivering content through blogs or social media is enough to reach the target audience and gain brand visibility. At technology360, we are one of the industry pioneers creating exclusive content that drives traffic along with sales to the business. This article will let you know the content marketing importance and the types of content marketing in detail.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing is one form of digital marketing that uses unique content online to deliver and distribute to reach the prospective customer to buy a product or service. Content Marketing is important because it helps a brand gain visibility even if it’s new to the market. There are various forms of content marketing techniques that different digital marketers are practicing all over the world. Here are some of the types of content marketing that are widely considered.

  1. Blog content marketing
  2. Podcast marketing
  3. Video content marketing
  4. Social media content marketing
  5. Infographic content marketing

Benefits of Content Marketing:

Using different types of content that reach the right customer at the right time and right place will make that particular business turn into a million-dollar one within a short period. Here are some of the basic benefits of crafting a good content marketing strategy. They are:

  • Helps Brand Awareness.
  • Increases Sales.
  • Increase organic traffic.
  • Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost.
  • Retention of more existing customers.

Blog Content marketing: What is a blog? It is a web page that helps in the continuous update of the latest articles over there. Basically, on a normal website, one cannot change content continuously, So the blog page helps to update over there. How are blogs useful? Blogging is an economical way for tiny firms to drive traffic to their website, intensify inbound marketing strategy forces and draw more prospective buyers. Blog content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow brand awareness while contributing related and valuable content to your target audience is by consistent blogging. Blog Content SEO strategies help to gain more organic traffic when compared to the PPC model of marketing.

Podcast marketing:Podcast Marketing is the inbound marketing strategy used by online businesses that contribute their content in audio files in which readers can listen to them when they wish. Moreover, they can publish their podcasts on various platforms such google podcasts, Spotify, etc., to reach a wider audience.

Video content marketing: Video Content Marketing helps create curating content in the form of video formats and publish it on various video streaming platforms to get better reach and gain potential customers at any cost. This has become one of the most loved platforms all over the globe on the internet by both firms and customers. This platform helps product-based companies create video content product usage, installation, and gaining feedback in the form of comments which helps in improving the product. It also helps in increased ROI.

Social media content marketing: Social Media content marketing is cost-effective and a great platform for increasing brand awareness. Any firm can reach any niche market using social media marketing. The best way to attract new customers on social media is by creating attractive design posts that describe the problem and solution we offer. Social Media also has a paid version in which any new business can use them and drive sales or drive traffic to a website. 

Infographic content marketing: Infographics are rich graphics-oriented chart-related posts that specify numbers useful in describing a problem & solution to customers. One can submit these infographics to various infographic submission sites, which helps in driving traffic to websites. Infographic content marketing is also one of the best ways of inbound marketing strategy that drives brand visibility across multiple platforms.

Content Marketing Strategy:

The strategy of content marketing should correlate with the business structure overall. It should resonate with the business plan that helps increase sales and drive traffic to the website. These are some of the content marketing strategies one needs to consider when crafting a plan.

  1. Evaluate Business Performance and estimate the sales.
  2. Select a type of content that is relevant at that particular time.
  3. Understand potential customers’ medium of contact.
  4. Craft a plan that should be cost-effective initially.
  5. Create an A/B content marketing testing for getting better insights.


So, content has become the heart and soul of Digital Marketing in recent days. How well a company design’s its strategy of content marketing will be successful online. At technology360, we are pioneers in best content development services in Hyderabad that understand every business and craft a content plan according to the present market situation, which helps drive traffic and convert them into customers. We craft all the Content strategies by analyzing their business and performance and considering their niche target market. Get in touch with India’s best content marketing companies and get free consultation within minutes.

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