What is Link Building?

Link Building Tactics

Most businesses want to drive traffic from search engines to their websites and are hunting for various strategies to invest more money and end up with nothing. Here, link-building plays a crucial part for all marketers, business owners who want to get organic traffic to their websites. Link-Building is a method of promoting one’s website to other people’s site with the fundamental goal of driving referral traffic to their websites. This ultimately drives steady referral traffic to one’s business.

Link Building Benefits:

Most of the businesses don’t understand the link-building benefits. Here are some of the essential points to know in this off-page SEO strategy. 

All the search engine algorithms are complex & are constantly evolving, but backlinks remain a central factor for search engines to determine which web page is ranking for particular keywords searched. So, building quality backlinks is one of the main tactics in off-page SEO strategy, which hints to search engines that the website is a quality resource worthy of reference. So, websites with more quality backlinks rank higher in SERPs.In addition, they are some other link building benefits:

  • Building relationships with influencers.
  • Getting referral traffic to websites.
  • Brand building.

Types of links:

It’s crucial to know the types of links to build and learn the technical aspects of relations, which will give a firm grounding to evaluate the benefit of various links and decide which ones are the most beneficial to track. They are different types of links that any website owner should understand. Here are some of the fundamental types of links.

  • Editorial link
  • Resource link
  • Acquired link
  • Social bookmarking
  • Image linking
  • Guest blogging

Editorial Link: An editorial link is a link that results from a site owning genuine content. An editorial link is not compensated for or straight requested. 

Resource Link: Resource page link structure solely gets one’s site included on other websites as one of the resources. 

Acquired link: Those are the links gained by the website owner by payment.

Social bookmarking: Social bookmarking saves and categorizes web pages in a public location on the web. They store data on general sites, which paves the way for search engine crawlers to give site value.

Image linking: It links images to image directories and gets a link back from that site.

Guest blogging:  It is a method of writing good content to other websites and listing it on their blog page. This process is also called guest posting.

Black Hat Link Building Vs. White Hat Link Building:

Black Hat Link Building: 

Black hat link building drives traffic to a website using website loopholes, allowing a site to rank higher than it should in SERPs. But as there are so many advancements in search engine algorithms, they are banning websites that possess these kinds of techniques. 

White Hat Link Building:

White hat link building approaches are those procedures that add value to end-users, obey search engine rules and produce high-quality results which last for a long time.

Nofollow vs. Dofollow Links: What Do They Do?

A do-follow link is a regular link that doesn’t have any attribute restrictions. Search engine crawlers go from one page to another. They will get to understand if a high authority page is linking to another site. Crawlers eventually increase the page rank if at all that site does not have a good position earlier.

A no-follow link has the attribute “no follow” in its link reference code, enabling crawlers not to crawl that site from that particular landing page site. These are some of the types of content which are no-follow links.

  • Blog comments
  • Social media
  • Forums
  • Press releases
  • Sponsored content
  • Widgets

Link-Building Strategy:

In earlier times, link-building strategy depended on how many links a site has, but it has now changed to the quality of links that a website has called link juice. The more quality the links there will be high-quality link juice. These are some of the most effective link building strategies to be used in your next link-building campaign. They are as follows:

  1. Set goals for better outreach.
  2. Evaluate the type of links to be needed.
  3. Try to get content rich links.
  4. Evaluate keywords and respective sites ranking.
  5. Do guest blogging if you are new to the market.
  6. Analyze broken links properly.
  7. Do-deep internal linking.

Conclusion: When crafting a link-building strategy, also consider what kind of links are suitable for the homepage, how many links should be viewed for the blog article, and how many links represent the brand/company. And links that should target the keywords. Technology360 provides SEO services in Vijayawada is one in the market that performs affordable and effective link building campaigns to clients and brings quality organic referral traffic to the website. We are envisaged to build effective digital marketing strategies for clients based on their mode of business and type of product/service. Our wide range of services extends to PPC strategies, Social Media Marketing, Link-Building Strategies, Email Marketing Campaigns, Lead Generation Services, Data Scraping Services. Please feel free and contact us and get a free online consultation instantly.

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