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The pandemic-induced lockdown has triggered a global slowdown, which ought, in turn, to create an unpredictable opportunity for the job market. It has quickened the disruption that had already started in diverse sectors due to automation and the advent of AI. Work-from-home remained the vital transition Covid made to the office policies over the globe. Lockdowns recorded that the scope for achieving work remotely was further extensive and attainable than previously thought. And companies have moved quickly to encompass the opportunity.
As companies require new talent and a new skill set, it is evident that reskilling is needed. Therefore, to stay agile, one needs to adopt new required courses to get jobs. According to World Economic Forum Report 2020, The number of jobs lost during this pandemic will be exceeded by the number of new jobs produced in the future. There is a lot of variation between professional courses and other courses. The main exception is that professional courses are the courses designed to make a candidate job-ready by the end of the course. A professional course concentrates more on functional and practical training, but non-professional courses moreover focus more on creating an academic foundation. When compared between the two candidates who have completed professional courses, are the best courses to take to get a job. Here are some of the fascinating top courses that will be in demand in 2021. Pick one of these to reboot, rewind, and renew yourself.

  • Digital Marketing.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Web Designing.
  • Market Research.
  • Design Thinking.
  • Animation.
  • Graphics Designing.

Digital Marketing: Amidst businesses running online, learning the digital algorithm is no longer an interest but a requirement! If you are a marketing expert, being well versed with the reality of digital space will aid you in obtaining a unique spot for yourself. In this day and age, the role of a digital marketer can’t be undervalued; therefore, it is inevitable to adopt this skill at the earliest. 

Artificial Intelligence: According to LinkedIn Learning, AI is one of the top five most in-demand active skills in 2020. AI is utilized to analyze a large volume of data and gain exciting insights. Much in demand, the AI skillset is confined to the technical division of any company, and it provides to other divisions like research, marketing, etc.

Web Designing: There is a rise in demand for web designing in this 21st century due to the advent of the internet and social media. The appearance of a website is crucial, and everyone wants that the company’s website looks great. This is the cause for the high demand for the web designing course. Not only can you begin your own business, but you can also get handsome pay and work in an organization.

Market Research: Since we are at the cusp of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the dynamics of businesses are evolving swiftly. In the advancing times, research and the capability to study multiple modes moreover datasets, analyze research data, control suppliers doing specialized research, and deliver recommendations will have a significant role. Businesses are looking at associating their customers to create products and services, respectively. Whether an individual is working in strategy, growth hacking, sales & business development, product/service development, or marketing, a course on market research would be appropriate and trendy.

Design Thinking: Now, design thinking is being practised by innovators in music, engineering, plus business. Brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, etc., have swiftly embraced the “Design thinking Method!” They need employees who can systematically extract, prepare, study, and practice these procedures to resolve queries creatively and innovatively. A certification course in design thinking will yield your career the much-needed edge.

Animation: Nowadays, every movie is getting animated. Most of the customers are engaging themselves in entertainment. This is taking the animation industry to the next level. Anyone interested can take this course and earn a living out of it.

Graphics Designing: Added trending course in today’s atmosphere is the course on graphics designing. You can get winning jobs in big organizations or even think of beginning your own company. The course is considerably in demand, which is why there are fewer possibilities that you shall get out of a job. One can start getting quite a good amount nearly quickly.


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