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In India, Web designing course is growing in popularity over the past few years. Back in those days, web designing and development was restricted to a few pupils studying these computer sciences. But it has shifted from that plethora to everyone even if they don't have coding knowledge can learn these courses. Aspirants who are willing to move their careers towards web development and designing can learn web designing. Learn web designing courses online with our exclusive advanced program. Design responsive websites effectively, build your design skills and shift your career. Enroll for our web designing course for beginners and develop professional web designing abilities. We are the best in the market web designing & development provider in India. Get the best web design classes near you with our trainers and well experienced IT professionals. At technology360, our well-experienced faculty share practical knowledge with students. All the web design courses we designed meet all levels of students requirements. All our faculty trainers will help you learn and gain all the aspects of the website courses online.

Our Web Designing training highlights:

At technology 360, one of the leading web designing & development training providers offers HR services for all the global industry requirements. We are ranking as the pioneers in online web designing training companies possessing a vast range of development programs.

Topics We Cover Under Web Designing course

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About HTML:

HTML is a standard markup language that helps to design web pages. It can be assisted by using different technologies such as CSS and additional scripting languages such as JavaScript.

Cascading Style Sheets:

CSS is a style sheet language that helps create layout colours, font styles etc., on a web page.


Bootstrap is a free and open-source framework that helps create responsive web designs with ease by utilizing its built-in templates.

Java Script:

Along with HTML & CSS, javascript is one of the core programming languages used for webpage behaviour.

Jquery and jQuery UI:

jQuery UI is a curated set of UI interactive widgets, themes and effects built over the top of the jQuery JavaScript Library.

Web Hosting:

It is an internet hosting that hosts websites over the internet space.


It is a server-side language used to develop web pages of different types such as static, dynamic or web apps.


It is a server-side open source and free database management system that helps in storing data.

FAQ's for Web Designing Training

Web designing training enhances your ability to craft engaging websites, making you proficient in design tools, coding languages, and user-centered design strategies.

Our training covers design fundamentals, HTML, CSS, responsive design, UI/UX principles, design software, website optimization techniques and web development programming.

Cost varies based on the program and duration. Our pricing is competitive, and all details are provided on our website.

Training durations vary, but our programs typically range from a few weeks to a few months, offering flexible learning options.