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Technology360 FAQs

FAQs: Part 1

What ever the product or service, whether it is small or large, individual or group everyone needs online presence to get the popularity.The new era converting into the Digital world. The Internet got the popularity very drastically the usage of Internet going into 500% growth rate we ever seen.So its the right time to be online which makes the simplest way reach the potential people.

We are in the best of following services: Web Designing and Developemnt, App Designing and Development and Complete Digital Marketing Services ie: SEO, SEM,SMM, Bulk emails and SMS, Content Writing, Hosting services, Web Maintenance Services and Logo Designing Services.

SEO makes the site performance very simple and speed. Which increases the position of the site on search engines index and gets the potential customers.

We listen our customers requirement first. Based on that if the suggestions needed we suggest them or continue with their process. We have a strong route map to start and complete the work,which includes rough work, demo version, client reviews, content update, server changes,final review and live site.

Yes, We do Online Advertising on all Search engines and Social media platforms. Which works for Brand promotion, Online traffic, Lead Generations and Sales in very less time.

We offer our services at very affordable prices.Basically our payment methods are 50%(advance),30%, and 20%. which includes cash and online methods based on the agreement we follows.

FAQs: Part 2

This matter is in strictly Technology360's hands. Once agreed for the work we have to reserve our valuable time for you. Once it is canceled in any matter it effects on our work.

Nope,Our support is limited hours per day. But we spend maximum time for our clients and mostly we responded with in 3to5 hours only.Which makes our clients happy.

You can call or email us anytime. Our support team is very happy to assist you or our executive will meet you at your preferred location or else you can come to our office location.

Customer is the god to us. We mention everything on the agreement. The agreement is the proof for both, Based on that we complete the project.