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Reach the Right Audience With Technology360 Proven Techniques

We offer an extensive range of professional yet budget-friendly mailers, ranging from designs that capture attention to those that meet all client needs. Our company has been a pioneer of email marketing since day one and continues to be on the cutting-edge of the industry.

Our specialized services provide customers with unbeatable prices, ensuring that your emails efficiently reach and engage with your target audience, delivering maximum impact.

Are you looking email marketing service in India for your business? Our team can help our clients craft successful email campaigns through advanced technologies and proven strategies. With our help, you can reach more customers and drive business growth with just a few clicks! Crafting Strategies for Targeted Audiences Our team is dedicated to helping you create a consistent and engaging message that will reach your target audience

Our extensive email marketing services include:

  • Efficiently designed database to target the right audience
  • Highly customized email
  • Multiuser accounts
  • Powerful integrations and impeccable email automation
  • Verification of spam before delivery
  • Intensive email segmentation to improve conversion rates
  • Expert handling of huge contact list
  • Taking care of every email design format
  • Keeping a track record of click-through rates
  • Highly effective online survey
  • Social media integration

We at technology360, work on creating eMailers, guided by the corporate brand image, or to attain a fresh new brand guideline. Starting with the website content, branding, and other marketing material, our design professionals develop consistent email communications.

Our Email Marketing Process

Our 5 step SEO process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Analysis And Reporting

We will analyze the work and reporting to our clients weekly or monthly. Which is useful to check their work status and helpful to their views.

  • Work Analysis: Client Business Analysis to target audience
  • Delivery Analysis: Delivery Analysis for taking future steps
  • Result Reporting: Reporting the accurate results
  • Competitive analysis: Analyzing the competitors after implementation of the strategy.
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FAQ's for Email Marketing Services

Email marketing helps you stay connected with your audience, build brand loyalty, and deliver personalized content directly to subscribers' inboxes.

We create a variety of emails, including promotional campaigns, newsletters, product announcements, welcome series, and abandoned cart reminders.

We follow best practices, optimize content, and use spam-checking tools to improve deliverability and avoid spam filters

Cost varies based on the complexity of your campaigns and list size. We provide tailored quotes to match your objectives and budget.