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Technology360 Privacy Policy

Technology360 Views about data Collection

Technology360 ( A Vijayawada Based Web Designing and Digital Marketing Agency.Is very serious on data protection. This privacy policy statement explains you our views and usage of information we are collecting through our website.

This page explains you about our web designers privacy policy , SEO privacy policies and further more regarding the collecting your information, usage, and disclosure of the date while you are using our product or service.The collecting of your information is useful to improve the service quality. You have to to agree the our policy or terms and conditions when you are associating with us.

How We Collect Information

We follow the different sources to collect the information.1.The incoming or outgoing calls of technology360.2.Direct subscriptions to technology360 to get a business news letters 3.Who are coming to technology360 office physically.4.Before taking the project we collect the information from the our clients. 5.People Interest with our Advertising 6.Direct Email Marketing

What type of Information We Collect

1.Name 2.Contact Number 3.Email Address 4.Partial or Complete Contact Address 5.Business Name 6.Business Details 7.Web site and other social media URL's 8.Technical Data like IP Address,Other Login Access or Registration permissions,Remote Access and Other system informations including timezone and locations 9.Your Marketing and other business related teams 10.Images, videos and text related content 11. Cookies and other usage data

How We Use the Information We Collect

The information we are collecting to be notify you about our news, offers, general information about our products and services.To get better and quality services from us.Accessing or troubleshoot your in case of any technical issues. To monitor the changes you or our technical team making on your sites or other products.

Sharing Your Information with Third Parties

We may use 3rd party analytics,services and other informational tools.But these tools do not harm you or track you about your personal or business activities.Sharing your data means as part of our working on your websites or business we need to attach your things to these tools.

  • These tools need to track your site statistics which are useful to analyze your site data ie: Google, Bing,Yahoo, Others
  • Do not harm you or track your personal or business activities.
  • Do not disturb you, because they doesn't need your contact numbers to call you
  • Which simplifies the work for us to grow your business and to solve other technical issues as well.
  • We may use third party companies or employees to serve you better. But we try our best without leakage your data

An Explanation of Cookies And Other Technologies

We use cookies and some tracking technologies to monitoring the activities on our site and our service.Cookies are small data of files or scripts to track and collect information of the user to analyze or improve our service. You can stop the cookies and its controlled by you in one button. Cookies are session cookies, preference cookies and security cookies.

Links to other sites or Commenting,Payments on other sites

Please understand that we don't have any control over other sites which are redirecting from Technology360. The links you are opening from us for any payment purposes or commenting or login/registering purposes or reading or watching any kind of text,images and videos.You are accessing at your own risk.

Your Controls And Choices

You may stop the cookies to track the activities of yours..and You can get the more secured to follow our strict privacy policy. Incase you get affected you can contact we try our best to save you.