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Email Hosting is ordinarily incorporated with a web hosting package, email hosting is a separate setting that lets you set up a custom email and utilize it to broadcast and host emails. The email domain name you use will equal your website. Holding an email address that resembles your website makes businesses look more licensed. Best email hosting for small business in india keeps your emails protected and secure and delivers it accessible wherever an internet connection is available. But in today's world, there are so many free versions available with many hosting companies, and most businesses benefit from the ease and utilization of expert email services. Professional email hosting services include managing both incoming and outgoing mails, which are handled separately by providers who have dedicated mail servers.

Technology360 is one of the best email hosting providers in india offering email services from small-business to enterprises of all volumes. We endeavor to provide a complete suite of hosting products for our clients to help them grow their customer retention and brand loyalty.

Check hosting provider:

  • Best Infrastructure : We have the best infrastructure to host the sites smooth
  • Great support team : Our support team available on time
  • Advanced technologies : We use the latest technologies to run emails without any spamming.
  • Problem-solving : Formulate a baseline for modern social performance.

Our email hosting services in Bangalore are highly affordable, safe, and innovative. We implement the utmost maintenance to our clients and go the extra mile to your precise necessities.

Our Technology360 as Email Service Provider

Our 3 step Witing process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.

Qualified assistance(Best Uptime):

Technology360's business email hosting company in India offers clients who want to handle their department's email, schedules, and contacts. We provide efficient services with a flexible cost where clients receive everything they expect to manage their company email.

  • Best Infrastructure:We have the best infrastructure to host the sites smooth
  • Excellent support team: Our support team available on time
  • Advanced technologies:We use the latest technologies to run emails without any spamming.
  • Problem-solving: Formulate a baseline for modern social performance.
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Dedicated Support

The Business is not only providing a product delivery and also needs to solve the customers issues when they come with issues. Technology360 having the best support team to take care of your hosting issues.

  • Chat support: Try our best to resolve issues on chat
  • Call support: We are available on call registration
  • Quick Response: Quick and Best Response with lowest response time
  • Problem Solving: Best and Easy problem solving.
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Lowest Price

Coming to the pricing this is the important point we have to check before choosing any hosting. What we are getting is the amount we are paying. While getting clarity on this you will realize that we are the lowest price with best hosting and features.

  • Affordable price: Affordable pricing on selective package
  • Best features: Sure for the features what you are paying
  • Flexible plans: Flexible plans can afford any small scale to large scale
  • Great performance: Best performance Guaranteed.
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Unlimited Emails

Our best plans started with limited to un limited bandwidths on different kinds of hosting services we are providing.. The un limited storage and band widths are added advantage to the sites to load more files.

  • Remote web Access: We implement remote web access to client emails, contacts, calendars, chats, and notes, identical to the desktop shopper.
  • Quick Deployment: We offer a conventional set-up wizard for the speedy establishment of email server hosting anchored up.
  • Spam Free: We render intensified spam filters to ensure minor spam interruption. Our hosted email service contains firewall safeguard, SSL encoding, protected HTTPS connections, spam, or antivirus filtering.
  • High Network Uptime : We hold a guaranteed best server uptime.
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Extra Feautres We provide With Email Hosting

Bring more traffic to your Business with the help of new proven techniques on email setup we can offer

Office 365

  • We offer Office365 configuration services along with email server hosting, and also spam & data loss safeguarding. All your email setup will be properly maintained.

G Suite

  • As an alternative to Office365 we also provide assistance for G-suite to businesses along with other collaboration apps. Based on your business choice we offer our assistance in a very cost-efficient manner.

Bulk Mail Server

  • Bulk emails are 1000+ per hour to set your marketing campaigns. We provide Bulk Email Server for marketing campaigns. All the emails will be delivered with less spamming chances.

Business Email/Marketing Email

  • Technology360 assists that no matter what type of bulk email you communicate, your delivery will be assured, and your deliverability will be optimized.

Email Automation

  • Email Automation is still a sturdy and solid workhorse. Our team has collectively picked the best available solutions, all meticulously experimented with and regulated by ranking.

Transactional Email

  • Broadcasting transactional emails is a complex task. With an email service provider or manageable email service with technology360, you can easily transmit and track emails with ease.

FAQ's for Email Hosting Services

Yes, we provide customer support to address any technical concerns related to your hosted email accounts.

Pricing varies based on the plan and features you choose. We offer competitive rates tailored to your needs.

Yes, you can create custom email addresses using your own domain for a professional and branded email experience.

G Suite and Outlook offers integrated productivity tools, including Gmail, Outlook Mail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Teams, and Meetings enhancing collaboration and organization.